Incoming students


In Swietokrzyski College (SSW), there is no deadline for incomming students, please have in mind that preparation will take time, and try to apply two months prior to arrival date.

Below you will find links to Application Form, Learning Agreement, and Transcript of Records.(you can use any standard form from available in many Erasmus Higher Educational Institutions) Please send completed Application Form and Transcript of records by email.

In Transcript of Records, please fill in english names of your subjects in the mobility semester that you need to have replaced by our subjects, together with ECTS points.

We will reply to you with list of our subjects that you will be able to study in SSW, as similar as possible. If your Erasmus Coordinator and Dean agree to this subjects, please fill in Learning Agreement. Since its our first year in Erasmus , we do not have Subjects Catalogue yet.

It will be possible to stay in dormitory belonging to a bigger University in Kielce, located in city center, on University Campus.
It will cost 60-100 Euro per month. Unfortunately SSW doesnt have a dormitory.

Please remember that we do not have lectures in english, polish language only. All incomming students that dont speak polish (english only) will have individual toutoring, that means self studying from books and provided materials in english, and passing egzams in english (written paper at the end of semester veryfying knowledge). Of course all incomming students are invited to attend classes with polish friends, but its not mandatory. That also means time to travel to Cracow, Warsaw, and Kielce region. Every forighn student will have guiding students from senior years, to show them Kielce, the campus, and help them feel at home.

Best Regards
Ernest Nowak
Erasmus+ Coordinator
Koordynator Erasmus+


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